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10F,No.22,Chenggong 13th St.,
Zubei City, Hsinchu County 302,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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CreSpirit Animation

We’re a team of professionally-trained traditional animators with game development experience. We’re a part of the Taiwanese game developer CreSpirit and we handle almost all the animation for their games. Other than making animated assets for games, we also specialize in teaser animations, in-game cutscenes and Spine character animations.

We believe that successfully integrating animations into games brings players a richer gaming experience. Through creating animations tailor-made to suit each game, We wish to help developers bridge that gap between art and game development.

We welcome the opportunity to work with other developers. If you like our animations and want us to be a part of your project, please feel free to contact us!


8-bit Image

Every gamer must have this treasured memory of 8-bit images of game. The not-high-resolution image and the old style still have their own fan. Our popular rolling game, Rabi-Ribi is made with this style, isn’t it charming?

Spine Character Animation

No matter the dimensions, or the number of appendages, from dull mob characters, to eldritch horrors, to cyberpunk mechs… We can animate them all and bring them to a life-like performance.


Step 1

Contact us and let’s get started! The first thing we want to do is understand the project including what type of outsourcing? Send us information as much as you can. We’ll work to come up with a schedule and compensation that fits your project demands.


After entering a formal agreement, we will sign a contract. Then we can start process base on data you provide.


Finished on time! And we will send back what you required as we signed.