CreSpirit, founded in 2014, is dedicated to creating an original brand through exceptional artistic standards and game experiences. By combining professionals from various countries, we strive to develop internationally acclaimed games and animations and expand our products worldwide.

Our products span across PC and gaming console platforms.

Our first game, "Rabi-Ribi," launched in 2016, has been a global hit and has received great praise from players.

In 2019, our collaboration with STORIA resulted in the visual novel game "A Light in the Dark," which also achieved favorable results within the gaming community.

In 2022, we collaborated with Bukaguan Game Design to release "Last Command," a creative fusion of the classic game Snake and bullet-hell.

The end of 2023, we launched a brand-new 2D side-scrolling game called "TEVI," in collaboration with renowned illustrator Ein Lee and GemaYu, the programmer of "Rabi-Ribi."

Our team is currently fully devoted to the development of cross-platform PC and console games, and we are preparing to collaborate with more game industry partners to actively expand  the global market.