Embark on an epic action-adventure in TEVI, a bullet hell metroidvania!. Explore a sprawling world scarred by conflict. Find hidden secrets.Upgrade and customize your build to execute flashy combos.Triumph in spectacular boss battles. Slash, dash, dodge, and shoot as mysteries unfold.

Join Tevi and her companions Sable and Celia on an epic journey across a sprawling fantasy world full of mystery. Discover histories, civilizations, and the people that shape them. Meet a large cast of friends, foes, and everything in between, and unravel the mysteries behind a darkness that looms over the land...

Last Command

Snake x Bullet Hell = A New Take on the Classic Experience!
Grease up your arrow keys and stretch your fingers! Maneuver the Crawler through the enemies’ barrage of attacks and collect Data Points to deal damage! Gain special chips to enhance the Crawler as you progress, overcome intense Boss battles, and uncover the secrets of their program world...

A Light in the Dark

We cannot choose in this unfair world.

Hao-Chen Jiang did not understand what it was when he opened his eyes.
A mysterious girl appears before him and with a look of disdain tells him that he been kidnapping unless his family agrees to pay a ransom he has no chance to escape.
But perhaps there is more to this than just money...


There never quite seem to be enough bunny girls in the world, so here is another for you aficionados out there. This 2D sidescrolling exploration platformer follows the adventure of Erina, whose humdrum life as a regular rabbit is turned upside-down when she finds herself in an unknown world and turned a human (with rabbit ears)!
Along the way she meets the cheerful pink-haired fairy, Ribbon, who mysteriously chooses to stay by Erina’s side.
These unwitting heroes embark together on their quest to restore Erina’s life to normalcy, but who knows what troubles lurk, waiting for them…