【 Game Features 】

Embark on an epic action-adventure in TEVI, a bullet hell metroidvania!

Explore a sprawling world scarred by conflict. Find hidden secrets.

Upgrade and customize your build to execute flashy combos.

 Triumph in spectacular boss battles. Slash, dash, dodge, and shoot as mysteries unfold.

Welcome to Az, where our adventure begins. This sprawling continent is full of myth and magic, and is home to three main races: magic-wielding humans, animal-eared beastkin, and bio-mechanical hybrids called magitech.

Join Tevi and her companions Sable and Celia on an epic journey across a sprawling fantasy world full of mystery - the continent of Az. From the fallen imperial capital city to the demonic underworld deep beneath, or the oceanic depths to the luminous floating realms of the angels, wonder and danger lurk around every corner. Discover histories, civilizations, and the people that shape them. Meet a large cast of friends, foes, and everything in between, and unravel the mysteries behind a darkness that looms over the land...

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