Join Tevi and her companions Sable and Celia on an epic journey across a sprawling fantasy world full of mystery - the continent of Az. From the fallen imperial capital city to the demonic underworld deep beneath, or the oceanic depths to the luminous floating realms of the angels, wonder and danger lurk around every corner. Discover histories, civilizations, and the people that shape them. Meet a large cast of friends, foes, and everything in between, and unravel the mysteries behind a darkness that looms over the land...

《TEVI SteelBook OST》

The metal case features a limited edition-exclusive illustration of Tevi, and the four CDs feature portraits of the main characters, perfect for collectors.

《Last Command》

In a world where humans have vanished,
PYTHON, an intelligent crawler program is accidentally meets Fei, a program of a girl, who does not have the Last Command.
The two programs embark on a journey to find their own mission, and uncover the secrets of their program world...

Rabi-Ribi 5th Anniversary

For Rabi-Ribi 5th anniversary, we made a breakthrough attempt. Brans-new orchestra arranged OST and limit goods for 5th anniv. Check our event to find out more information.