《Last Command》Fei’s paper model DIY

Date : 2022-09-05

Last Command physical collection is a limited item that come with the game releasing. There is an item, a Fei’s paper model, comes with the physical box as a gift to whom purchased the limited collection.


In this article, we will tell some technique to DIY the paper model easier.


First, due to the color of the character, some of the cut line and fold line are not clearly enough to tell the difference between. If you are not sure with weather a line needs to be cut or not, here are images for reference.

*All “red lines” need to be cut.



Next are some tools we suggest for DIY the paper model.

1.      Styrofoam glue (fast dry and not too wet for paper)

2.      A toothpick (for apply glue)

3.      Scissors

4.      Ruler

5.      Utility knife.

6.      A pen or any round stick.

7.      Hairpin

8.      Flat tweezers


Hairpin and tweezer may not be necessary in the process of DIY, but It can be a good helper while assemble.


Last, we have film a video of assembling process. Have fun!