Music streaming platform remove and re-uploaded.

Date : 2021-11-09


We are sorry that the process of re-upload Rabi-Ribi music to the streaming platform needs to be extended.

To protect the rights of our composers, we ed a copyright service that is suggested by the platform when we upload our music. For what we understand about the service should not affect videos uploaded by players. But turns out it did affect “stream” video. It is not what we want to see happen with players who have been supporting us for this long time. We are really sorry about it.

To remove the data from their service, we need to  all music and re-uploaded. It may take weeks to process. 

To those who have received a copyright claim or copyright strike to your video, according to the platform policy, the claim and strike might not be able to be removed even we erase the data.  We are sorry to cause the inconvenience.

Players who bought OST from STEAM will also not be affected.