【 About this game 】

Crying Pony is a 2D side-scrolling horror adventure game where the protagonist, Michael, is awakened from a nightmare by his daughter, only to be repeatedly pulled back the cycle of the nightmare and pursued by the evil lurking within. 

As the nightmare begins to invade and cross the boundaries between reality and dreams, the monsters within gradually get closer to reality, and even his daughter gets caught up in it. 

Will Michael be able to successfully escape the nightmare with his daughter?

【 Game features 】

.Special art style: Unique 2D hand-drawn style that emphasizes detailed rendering and uses low saturation, low contrast colors to create a gloomy, eerie and dark atmosphere.

.Delicate lighting: Different lighting setups are used to create an atmosphere of evil and creepiness that fits the situation.

.A horror adventure game driven by the storyline: With exploration in the nightmare, the plot advances gradually, allowing further understanding of the nature of evil.