Store Policy

Greetings CreSpirit Members,

The following requirements, rules and regulations relate to all orders and purchases, on our website. They are necessary conditions that allow you to make provisions for all purchase activity on our website. They are equivalent to a sale and purchase agreement. Please do not place an order for a purchase if you do not agree with the conditions pertaining to purchases made through our website.

Matters of Attention for the Ordering of Purchased Goods:

Please note the following -

1.  Please note that this website is a Members-Only platform. You will need to register on the website as a member, - before you can use the website to purchase goods and services.

2.  The company does not provide a refund service for Virtual goods. Virtual goods are non-refundable purchases. Once an order has been placed, and payment has been confirmed, the sale is complete. There is no right of refund.

3. Physical goods can only be returned if they are sealed. Products cannot be returned or exchanged once they have been opened. Defective products, however, can be exchanged.

4. After you have completed an online payment process, a notification letter will be sent to you. This is confirmation and serves to inform you that our company has received your purchase order. The notification letter is proof that your purchase order has been placed with the company.

5.  If, for any reason, such as an accident or situation that may arise that is unforeseen - and we cannot accept your order -we will contact you via e-mail. In this instance, you will reserve your right to change the order, or be refunded.  

6. If the recipient's information is filled out incorrectly, and the recipient cannot receive the goods, the parcel will be returned, and the purchase order cancelled. A refund will be made to the purchaser. (E.g. After the parcel has been sent out, or no one can sign on their behalf.) Please re-order and place a new purchase order for the goods, with the correct information if still wish to make a purchase.  

7.  The estimated date of delivery is detailed below. If the delivery of goods is delayed for any reason, we will immediately notify the purchaser via email of any such delay.

※   Virtual item : deliver once order placed.

※   Delivery of Physical Goods: Every Friday. 

Exchanges, Returns and Defective Products:

Matters on Goods Receiving:

After receiving the ordered commodity, you have 30 days (From the first day of shipment – the first day is the date found on the "Shipping Notice") to report defective goods, or incorrect purchase quantities. If any defect is found with the physical goods, serial numbers, or CDs - such that products cannot function or be used normally, or the quantity of items, or product, is incorrect, please contact us immediately. Please contact us within 30 days, via Contact Us, to facilitate matters of return and exchange.

Order Process

How to Order, Pre-Order and Purchase Goods:

Register as a Member/Login as a member→ Add the products you want to purchase to o the shopping cart → Click the order and Checkout → Confirm the order is correct → Fill in the receipt information → Confirm that the receipt information is correct → Complete payment → Your purchase redder is placed with the company. .

※After the order has been placed, you can use the "Order Record" system to check the product number and delivery status, at any given time.

※When the product has been shipped, a "Shipping Notice" will be sent to you. The notification date will be used as the reference point. The following 30 days are the product Warranty Period.

※Once Virtual goods have been purchased, the purchase order cannot be cancelled, or refunded.

※Physical goods cannot be returned after they have been opened, but the contents can be exchanged if there is defect or if the goods are damaged.

Ordering In-Stock and Pre-Order Items Together

Due to our manual shipping process aimed at preventing errors, we suggest placing separate orders for in-stock items and pre-order items. If a customer chooses to order both in one transaction, the in-stock items will be shipped according to the schedule, regardless of the availability of pre-order items. Please rest assured when making your purchase.

Payment Methods.

1. Online Card Payments

Payment-flow is regulated by: [ECPAY].

VISA, MASTER-CARD and JCB credit cards are accepted. The status and validity of credit cards used to make purchases must be checked by users. Please check that your cards, and details, are correct.

After a member s payment, they will be redirected to the authorization page of ECPAY. The transaction process is completely secure and encrypted. Credit card information will not be stored on the website. Members can have complete peace of mind in the knowledge that every precaution has been made to ensure that transactions made on the website are completely safe and secure.

Delivery Procedure

【Delivery of Physical Goods】

After you have purchased physical goods you will be notified through registered mail once the goods have been shipped to you. The tracking number of the parcel will be attached, should you have any enquiries.

※ Shipments are made based on the order of, or sequence of, payments made to the company.

※ There may be a delay in shipments made over periods when there are public holidays, or long weekends.

In the event of a natural disaster, a force majeure, the logistical process of shipment may be delayed.

In these instances, your patience and forbearance will be greatly appreciated, and we will complete the delivery, as soon as it is possible to do so.

【Virtual serial number】

Delivery of Virtual Goods once the pre-order is placed the Serial Number is scheduled to be sent before game release.

Pre-order virtual code will be send to e-mail before release.


Return and Exchange Conditions.

【Physical goods】

1.  A 30-day Warranty Period is included in your purchase -the first day is the date found on the "Shipping Notice".

2.  Physical goods can be returned if the package has not been opened and is still sealed. Defective products can only be exchanged. and cannot be returned after they have been opened, or unsealed.

3.  Please note that the bank fees generated from card-swipes will not be reimbursed. (For Refunds.)

4.  The freight costs of goods returned will be borne by the buyer.

5.  The freight cost for the replacement of goods will be shared by the buyer and company.

【Virtual serial number】

No Return or Exchange service is provided.

Procedures: Return and Exchange Goods

How to Return and Exchange Goods:

If you need to return or exchange items please contact us via the Contact Us - within 30 days of receipt of the physical goods. Please note that the first  day is the date found on the Shipping Notification. The following information needs to be attached:


Order number:


Phone number:

Product name:

Photos that explain the defect or  problem:


After we receive your application for a Return or Exchange of Goods, we will confirm the details that you have sent, and send you a "Confirmation Letter of Goods Return and Exchange". via email. Please pay attention to your Email inbox, as well as your junk mail inbox, during this period.

Once you have received a "Confirmation Letter of Goods Return and Exchange" notification, you must restore the product to the state it was in, when it was first received. This means including all the packaging, manuals, included gifts, etc. The product shipped needs to be returned in full. Once the company confirms they have received the goods, your purchase will be refunded, or, a new product will be sent to you.

※Please note that we do not process mail over the weekend. The company does not conduct mail processing on Saturdays and Sundays. If the product warranty period happens to expire on a Saturday or a Sunday, the mail time of the buyer prevails, rather than that of the company.

After-Sales Support Services

If you have any questions about our products, you are more than welcome to speak to us. Do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us. We have a team of professional service staff that will help you with any queries or problems that you may have or have concerns about.